My Samplerbox

Samplerbox_topI created my own samplerbox. This is a box which recieves midi data and creates an audio output. So basically it is a sampler. See the web presence for details:


I did some modifications to use a 16×2 lcd display instead of an 4 char led display. I thought it would fit better for my needs since it can display the name of the selected intrument quite nicely. Unfortunately I changed the source and didn’t make a copy before closing the casing. I will do this later.

Setting up the thing was quite easy. A little bit more complicated is it to put everything into a nice case. Mine is made of wood. I put the Raspberry PI usb connectors to the outside to connect the usb midi and the required memory stick.


To the right is the audio out and below the usb connectors is the micro usb power connector.

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